Parenting Angels

For those of us who have lost children – my brothers and sisters in loss – we have come to understand that parenting does not cease just because our children are in Heaven. While we handle our grief differently, and we each weather this journey in various ways, most of us still say goodnight to our children every evening, wake up thinking of them each and every day, and feel the gravity of their absence always.


Parenting angels is an impossible task that takes a strength and resilience that I have realized in the two years since I lost my first, and only born son, that all too many parents have to endure. But there are so many who do it, and an enormous number thrive with a grace and goodness that is so unbelievably admirable, that it deserves recognition.

Something I have realized from reading the stories of other parents and making new, wonderful friends from this journey, is that every parent’s child is the most important child. Each child lost is the hardest loss. Each baby gone too soon is the most tragic void. Each parent’s suffering is the greatest suffering. No one story is worse than the next. 

We all have it the worst. No parent should ever, ever, have to survive the loss of their child.

But we do. And we continue on living this beautiful, wonderful life because of them.

Because each of our children was the most important child.

This site, these pages, and these thoughts and prayers are for you, dear friends. Please remember, you are not alone. Our sweet angels are never far away. We are, and will always be, parents. Even if our children no longer walk this Earth. 

We are still parents, and they will always be our children.