Labeling emotions

My little angel on Earth and I have been attending counseling to help with some behavior challenges. I am still not sure if they are his challenges, or mine, but I felt like we could use some help. So I took a recommendation from his preschool principal, and we have found someone that is helping … Continue reading Labeling emotions


My two miracles

It has been a tough two weeks. After my #metoo incident, I have had to do a lot of work to be ok. It makes me angry how much is has affected me, my relationships, my thought process, and my work. But I am getting through it and I know eventually, I will be fine. … Continue reading My two miracles

A connection

There is a new department at my office, full of young faces with big dreams. All of the new hires are several years younger than me - most just out of school and working their first professional role. I was in today, on a Saturday, which is not typical. The two gentlemen who work with … Continue reading A connection

Angel in the crowd

I resorted back to my youth and went to the Taylor Swift concert this weekend. Typically, I'm more of a 'jam band' fan, and the concerts I attend are folksy, with a lot of rhythm and not a lot of flare. But I'm a closet Swifty, and I have to say, she did not disappoint. … Continue reading Angel in the crowd

Three years, two months

You've now been in Heaven as long as you were on Earth. It feels impossible that I have lived without you as long as you were with me. But in my heart I know you've never left me. It's still so hard, seeing all your little friends, celebrating their Kindergarten graduations theses past two weeks. … Continue reading Three years, two months

Three years

Hello, my sweet angel in Heaven. Thank you for visiting my dreams last night. I knew today would be a hard day, and I'm so happy I got a glimpse of you, even if faint, and even if brief. There are a lot of days I don't want to get out of bed. Today I … Continue reading Three years