There comes a time

We did some major spring cleaning this past weekend. Our porch was filled Monday morning with four trash bags full of clothes and five boxes of toys labeled for the Vietnam Vets. It felt good to purge so many items that were taking up space and not being used. It got me thinking about some … Continue reading There comes a time


My village

We had a super fun, impromptu sleepover at a friend's house this past weekend. There were three of us girls, with our kids, who had gone over for a dinner get-together. We all decided, as time ticked by and the kids were still running full steam, that it was better just to put the kids … Continue reading My village

The sweetest thing

It was a beautiful day, and my little angel on Earth wanted to go the playground after dinner. We decided to ride his bike to the 'big' playground, even though I wasn't sure his legs, or the training wheels, could make the trip. He did great on his bike. A few spills, but nothing he … Continue reading The sweetest thing

Being me

For just one day, maybe even an hour, I want to quit being me. I don't want to be a bereaved mother. I don't want to be a woman who had a baby at only 24 weeks gestation, only to lose him to cancer at three years old. I don't want to spend my life … Continue reading Being me

Change of personality

I stopped for a quick drink with a co-worker this afternoon at the end of a very long and stressful week. I had told myself multiple times throughout my forty plus hours that, if this doesn't matter 100 years from today, it doesn't matter now. We met at the local bar just a mile or … Continue reading Change of personality

Manifesting destiny

I read an amazing article yesterday about two women who met on an airplane. The chance encounter led one to become the adoptive mother of the other's child. Not only was it a truly inspiring story with a super sweet and happy ending, but the quote from the adoptive mother really resonated with me. "I … Continue reading Manifesting destiny

Easter with Angels

As I frantically shopped for chocolate bunnies and jelly beans this evening after my angel on Earth had eaten a healthy dinner and was settling in for a quiet evening with Daddy, I was remembering the only three Easters we celebrated with our angel in Heaven. I vividly remember our last, as we were in … Continue reading Easter with Angels

Our favorites

I realized an irony tonight as my little one and I settled in under a shared blanket on our worn-in couch, with both dogs nestled by our sides. He isn't feeling 100% and has had a little cough, a very slight fever, and less energy than a typical fun Friday afternoon. We had a small … Continue reading Our favorites


My puppy, the dog I've had since my early twenties, is getting old. She's graying around her face, has trouble getting down our back stairs, and her nose is no longer moist. She's thirteen now, but she'll still pick up a toy when I walk in the house, drop it at my feet, and, I … Continue reading Preparing

It’s what you make it

This is a rough week, every year. Tomorrow is the last day we had our sweet angel speak to us, hug us, laugh with us, on Earth. We held him for eight more days, but tomorrow, three years ago, was the last day his soul was truly a part of this Earth. I've learned, I … Continue reading It’s what you make it