Change of personality

I stopped for a quick drink with a co-worker this afternoon at the end of a very long and stressful week. I had told myself multiple times throughout my forty plus hours that, if this doesn't matter 100 years from today, it doesn't matter now. We met at the local bar just a mile or … Continue reading Change of personality


Life is so hard and I'm thinking tonight that I never want to forget the gravity of my baby going to Heaven. That is the most impactful event of my entire life. It defines my soul and my entire being. I am the mother of a perfect, sweet, innocent child in Heaven. The gravity of … Continue reading Gravity

Easter with Angels

As I frantically shopped for chocolate bunnies and jelly beans this evening after my angel on Earth had eaten a healthy dinner and was settling in for a quiet evening with Daddy, I was remembering the only three Easters we celebrated with our angel in Heaven. I vividly remember our last, as we were in … Continue reading Easter with Angels