Grief and Glory


Each and every day we experience grief. We suffer disappointment, we fall down, we fail, we lose, we hurt. But every day we also feel excitement, we pick ourselves up, we succeed, we win, we rejoice.

That’s life. The grief and the glory of every day. I, too often, focus on the grief. My grief is deep. My grief, the loss of my sweet son, hurts me every day.

But the glory of my angel in Heaven is so much bigger and better than that grief. And knowing he’s waiting there, in the most beautiful, wonderful, loving place imaginable… that, my friends, is glorious.

I recognize my grief. But I celebrate my glory. I would love for you all to share your grief and glory, too.

Tell me about the grief. Feel it. Embrace it. Then tell me about the glory. So we can celebrate it together.



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