Every mother needs a wife

“Every mother needs a wife.”

I’ve stolen this phrase from the hilarious and brilliant Amy Poehler. It’s in her book “Yes, Please” which I recommend to anyone who likes to laugh, those who’ve concluded that life is hard even if you are beautiful, gifted, intelligent and funny, and all women who need other women.

This sentiment resonates so deeply with me because, as a mother who is currently only mothering a sweet angel in heaven, I rely so much on one specific woman who I half-jokingly, but lovingly refer to as my sister wife.

She’s been a mother for many more years than I and has more children than I ever will. She embraced my son as if he were her own and her children still speak of him as the angel that he is and the blessing that he was.

She’s an assurance of faith when I’m in my darkest grief and a constant cheerleader when I have even the smallest victory. She’s encouraging and kind but honest and persistent.image

This kind of friendship, this unconditional love is what all mothers deserve and all women should aim to be for one another.

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