Happiness is a choice

Another quote I borrowed from the memoir I’m currently reading, Drew Barrymore’s “Wildflower.”

She describes how she read it on a friend’s wall and she thinks about how it is an admirable quality in those who are constantly and consistently making the choice to be happy, despite life’s most treacherous obstacles.I too admire those who appear contagiously and endlessly joyful and I’ve often wondered what the secret is to maintaining this state. I’ll admit, I’ve thought that in order to be just plain happy, one would have to be lacking intelligence. I mean, how can any educated, well-read, conscientious, hard-working adult not bear the weight of worry at least sometimes?

In truth, happiness absolutely is a choice. But it takes work. To be happy, you must appreciate what you have, be proud of who you are, be secure in where you’re going, foster your relationships, stop yearning for the past, live within the present and never fear the future.

Anyone who can accomplish that is a true genius.


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