Grieving together

My aunt and I both joined the worst club on the planet in 2015 – we both lost a child.

We are now grieving mothers, parenting children in Heaven. Each day we manage to take one more step forward without our sons and each day we live with holes in our hearts and empty rooms in our homes. We understand the ache the other feels but also know our own pain is unique and no one can truly comprehend what it is to be us, living without them.

Our boys were taken from this Earth too soon. They both brought smiles to the people who loved them and are terribly missed every second of every day.

I know our boys are together and that they too have each other. I know that someday we will be with them again. The hardest part is having patience and not being able to hold them, feel them, breathe them in and watch them grow into the amazing men we knew they’d become.

I don’t know exactly where it is or how we get there, but in 2015, Heaven got a lot cuter.


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