On your birthday

imageI imagine you running. Your hair is thick again, and cut clean like Daddy liked it. You’re wearing your favorite Minion T-shirt and Puma sneakers. You look so good and so grown up in new glasses, but you don’t need them.

You’re giggling. Someone you love is making you laugh. Everyone we’ve loved and lost is there with you.

Even those who never knew each other. The grandparents lost before you were born. The babies created but taken too soon. The loved ones of friends we’ve made since you’ve been gone. They’re all with you today, celebrating your fourth birthday.

And what a party it is. Last year you fell asleep clutching the balloon on a stick Grammy gave you. But in Heaven you have hundreds of balloons. And bubbles. They fill the air around you and you pop them with glee, asking for “more.”

Last year you shared a bite of icing from Daddy’s cupcake. Today you fill your belly with ice cream and cake. You can never have too much and you never get a tummy ache.

Everyone is dancing to a mix of your favorite songs. You ask to play the same ones over and over. You clap along and smile so big. The energy is contagious.

It’s a good day to be in Heaven. Happy Birthday, buddy.

3 thoughts on “On your birthday

  1. Kristy, Andy, Campbell, William and Coleman says:

    Happy Birthday, Milo. We know you are having the most beautiful, happy, minion filled bday in Heaven. Love and miss you.


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