A mother’s love

Trying to describe a mother’s love to a woman who has yet to parent is like trying to describe Heaven to someone still living. Even stating those words makes me feel like I am expressing a concept so far beyond my reach and putting myself in a category where I don’t deserve to exist.

But what I want every potential mother to understand, especially today-a day where we’re encouraged to share our most intimate sentiments of love and appreciation-that parental love is about as easy to prove and describe as the existence of Heaven or faith in God.

When you’ve felt it, the love of your child, when you’ve had that gift and held it tightly in your arms, and especially when you’ve lost it, it is the most special kind of love that exists in this whole universe. And nothing – not death, not disease, not distance, not disagreements – can ever, ever, take the love between a parent and child away from you.

I know, because I have had it. And that love between a mother and her child never dies. I also know that Heaven exists. I know now more than ever that there are countless people who doubt this fact, think I’m crazy, think I’m holding onto faith because I’m clinging to the memory of my son and just want some sort of hope I will be with him again.

Maybe that’s true. But to me, if there is some truth in the fact that no one can really understand what the love between a parent and child feels like until they themselves are a parent, then doesn’t it make some sense that we, as humans, can’t quite understand what Heaven really is until we’ve been there?

I certainly don’t have all the answers. And I have a whole lot of questions. But there are some very real feelings and very true realities in my every day existence that I cannot explain to other people, yet they’re happening, and I’m feeling them. I lost my baby and my heart is broken. But no doctor can open me up and sew it back together.

My baby is in Heaven. I can’t take a vacation and go visit him. But I promise, someday, I will be with him again. My mother’s love tells me so.

2 thoughts on “A mother’s love

  1. Kristy says:

    Wow! This might be one of my favorite posts yet. Thanks for sharing.

    “parental love is about as easy to prove and describe as the existence of Heaven or faith in God”.


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