Five reasons I’m awesome

If you are reading this, I want you to write down five reasons you are awesome.

I was thinking (while on my first “training” run for a 5k I am going to try to complete in a month) how we as women, mothers, wives, and partners, so often depend on the reassurance of others for our self-worth.

The thought occurred to me when I was imagining the conversation I will have in about a month when I have my 90-day review at my new job. I was counting all the reasons I should ask for a raise, mentally listing all the positive changes I’ve made in the department since I arrived and pondering the level of work I currently produce versus what I was originally hired for.

As I compiled my mental list and started filing away the potential debate points my employer may have, rather than feeling deflated and discouraged, as I surely would have ten years ago, I thought, “Wow, I really am valuable.”

It’s something we should be telling ourselves every day. So, today I am going to list five reasons I am awesome. I don’t care if it sounds conceited. I don’t care if anyone disagrees. I am confident and I feel good about who I am.

And that’s all that really matters in the end. If I can say I spent my whole life being good and always trying to be better, then I will be with my son again.

1. I have a good sense of humor – I can laugh at myself and I can laugh in the wake of tragedy. I can laugh!

2. I work hard – Whether it’s a job, parenting or relationships, I make the effort. I give 100%.

3. I love with my whole heart – I’ve been hurt and I’ve lost greatly. But I still love with every ounce of my soul.

4. I give good advice – I am empathetic and always try to see every angle of a problem or dilemma. If you ask, I’ll be honest.

5. I smile – I may do a lot of crying, but I also smile. When I pass a stranger, say good morning or hug a friend, I smile. It’s contagious….try it.



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