Without love

Grief would not exist without love.

For any of us to find a reason for our suffering, a purpose to surviving, a meaning to this life that so often seems to destroy us, we must realize there is hope in love.

Without love, I never would have been a mother. Without love, I never would have faith that I will someday be reunited with my son. Without love, I would not have a flock of supporters offering unending encouragement in my darkest days. Without love, I may not have a reason to keep trying to survive.

I spent a few moments at a park today, trying to decompress from the stress of my new normal where everyday tasks seem pointless to me, but of utmost importance to those around me.

I breathed in the crisp spring air. I stared at a beautiful tree and was amazed at the shadow it cast on the freshly cut grass below. I watched as geese swam across the pond and leashed dogs happily trotted next to their owners, all enjoying the early afternoon sun. And I felt love.

Without love, I wouldn’t know that my baby in Heaven is the reason on days like this (when all I want to be doing is sharing these moments with him) I feel love, above all else.

Without love, I wouldn’t have the appreciation that this life is good, even when it is terrible, and exhausting, and sorrowful.

This life is good. Thank goodness for love.

One thought on “Without love

  1. Kristy says:

    I read an article last week about grief and in it was the quote below. It reminded me of you and Milo then and even more so now.

    “That pain you’re feeling is directly proportional to how much you loved and were loved.”


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