Article: The Business Mantra That Transformed My Parenting Philosophy

I am not an active parent. My baby is in Heaven. But I can relate to this article, and I think many other moms, women, jugglers of life, will too.

The Business Mantra That Transformed My Parenting Philosophy

Have you ever sat down and made a  ‘pros and cons’ list before making a big decision? It’s a logical way to navigate life altering choices. What college to attend, which job to take, what daycare to choose, which house to buy.

Now have you ever made a list of the tasks you complete every day that cause you stress, bring you joy, make you smile, cause you pain? It may sound simple, but have you ever really thought about it, let alone written it down?

I ready five outfits every Sunday so I don’t have to decide each weekday morning what to wear. It relieves me of unnecessary stress and gives me an extra few minutes in the morning to enjoy a relaxing breakfast. That’s one small step I took to make myself feel less stress and live happier.

But what if, every day, I wrote down triggers as they occurred, and I started taking steps to eliminate those, or alter my day to better handle the stress those triggers cause. Maybe recognizing them, identifying them, documenting them, could be that first tiny step of a long journey to living happy. If so, I’m in.

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