The guilt

I used to say that guilt is a waste of energy. If you feel guilty, make a change. Apologize when you err, correct your wrongdoings, prevent them from happening again.

If we are in control of how we feel, then there is no space for guilt to exist.

If we try to be good, do not cause others harm, follow the golden rule, we create a space only for love. And we can forgive ourselves for what is beyond our control.

Forgive yourself.

If it were only that simple.

Forgive yourself.

If only I could prevent others from feeling pain.

Forgive yourself.

If only I could make the world heal a little more and hurt a little less.

Forgive yourself.

If only I could have saved my baby’s life.

Forgive yourself.

If only I could heal the hearts of all those who miss him.

Forgive yourself.

If only forgiving myself would release the guilt.

Forgive yourself.

If only releasing the guilt would heal my heart.

Forgive yourself.

If only healing my heart would bring him back.

Forgive yourself.

One thought on “The guilt

  1. Elaine Sanchez says:

    There is no room for guilt. You not only saved your baby’s life, you made it joyful and good. You “saved” the life he was given and made it special. You saved and savored every moment, and you gave him your very best. And we continue to save his life with our love and our memories. You have very definitely saved his life. He is always with us, thanks to you. The world is different because he was here.


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