The language of the universe

The day after I wrote my last post, I received a very clear message from my sweet angel.

I believe if we open our hearts and the energy of our “soul magnets,”  our loved ones we’ve lost will send us messages. Some may say it’s the desperation of a grieving mama. But a dear, true friend recently told me, it’s the language of the universe.

Whether I’m a desperately grieving mama or not, I love the idea that my angel, and all our loved ones, have the ability to watch over us, guide us, and love us from the place of peace I only know to be Heaven.

And that one day, we will join them, and we too will occasionally peek through Heaven’s curtain to check in on the ones we had to leave behind. And though we’ll see their sadness and grief, we will know that true light and true peace awaits them too.

And all of this suffering, grief, and hardship will be a very distant and faint memory.

I may never learn to speak it. I may never hear its call. But if it gets me closer to my baby, I will keep trying to understand the language of the universe.

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