Pieces of Heaven

I had a moment to breathe, look up, and wonder in awe at the beauty of our Earth.

As I laid on my back, staring up at the afternoon sky after a brief thunderstorm, I thought of you in Heaven.

Though I know you are there and not so far away, when I stared at the clouds rolling past at a steady, even pace, I felt the cadence of the walks we used to take together. How you, riding in the stroller, must be similar to floating on those puffy, cozy clouds.

And as I stared at those clouds swiftly moving, I felt the cool ocean breeze on my face. And I thought of you, sitting on my lap at the park swing, feeling the breeze on our faces, kicking our legs in joy.

And in that moment, I reached my hand up toward the sky and reminded you, I’m here. Always and forever, your mommy is here.

And I know, baby, that I felt your hand reach down from Heaven and touch mine. And I said, as I did every morning when I picked you up from bed and kissed your sweet face, “It’s so good to see you today.”

And I smiled.

You may not be with me on Earth, but because of you, I will always have a little piece of Heaven.

2 thoughts on “Pieces of Heaven

  1. Elaine Sanchez says:

    It’s amazing, how when we have a second to stop and simply breathe, hear, see and feel things we normally miss. There’s a lesson here…stop, breathe, listen, feel. Everything we need is close by us.


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