My top 10 favorite things about parenting 

My only baby is in Heaven. But I am still a mother. My husband and I are still parents.

And we loved parenting. Not just because we had an unconditional love for our son we had never experienced prior to his existence. But because every moment we spent with him, every argument we had over who got up at night or who changed the dirty diaper or who cleaned the spit-up from the carpet, and every day we spend missing him, we learn, we grow, and we strengthen our character in ways we never could have imagined.

10. Waking up every day to the sweet sound of coos, cries, or babbles. No matter the sound, I always awoke with a smile.

9. Reading children’s books. I love them, especially with a little one on my lap to enjoy them with me.

8. Milestones. Every day was something new, something exciting, something magical.

7. Hearing “mom.” There’s just nothing that compares.

6. Being on the floor…all the time. Adults rarely hang out on the floor. It’s a great time.

5. Learning. My baby taught me something new every day.

4. Singing. I sang to my sweet boy all the time, and he loved it, signing ‘more’ at the end of every song. Key and pitch never mattered to him.

3. Cooperation. The three of us made a great team. Even if each of us thought we were captain.

2. Possibilities. Seeing life through my child’s eyes reminded me to dream big and aim high.

1. Love. Unending, infinite, glorious love. Parenting proves the existence and enormity of love right here on this beautiful Earth.

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