Something better

I was having a conversation the other night with some of my girlfriends and we were discussing the changing nature of technology and how quickly information travels compared to when we were kids. Each of them raised concerns about their young children and how these changes may affect them as they grow.

I laughed a little, not condescendingly (I hope), but for two reasons: One, because I can almost guarantee our parents had the very same concerns and conversations when we were children and, two, because I felt such happiness that this was the only concern my sweet friends had about their children at this moment in time.

Every parent wishes for ‘something better’ for their children. I think, especially here in this country, the land of plenty, where the ‘American Dream’ still exists, most parents want their kids to have everything, and more, than they ever could. They wish for life to be easy, that they never feel pain, that no one ever hurts them, that they do not have to struggle, that they only feel love. But for parents like me – ‘loss’ parents – we don’t worry any more. We only grieve.

My parental worries were very different than the majority of moms and dads, but I think we all can relate in our passion for protecting our children. I remember when my son was very tiny and we were told there was a chance he may never see. I cried when the doctor was speaking to us and looked at my husband and said, “I just don’t want his life to be hard.”

No parent wishes for a difficult life for their children. I know my baby is happy, healthy, safe, and at peace in Heaven. I no longer have to worry. I may always grieve, but I got three years of a love that will last an eternity. I will continue to hope and pray that I am good enough to meet him in Heaven one day so I can tell him again how proud I am of the fighter he was and the angel that he is.

And for my wonderful friends who are mothers now, and mothers to be, I hope and pray for ‘something better’ – whatever they wish that to be – for their beautiful children.

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