Leave it better than you found it

This concept was brought to my attention by my sweet Tia who left a note on one of my recent posts. She said that my son, my beautiful angel, left us all better than he found us. What a wonderful way of viewing his short three years on this Earth. He was here just long enough to make everyone he touched just a little bit better.

Then I thought about this idea, leaving things better than you find them, in a broader scope, and realized, maybe this is one step in reaching my goal of living happy. What if I try to leave everything – what I touch, who I meet, places I go – better than they were when I found them?

It’s not really that hard when you think about it. I am leaving a job in a couple weeks. I have a new opportunity and I decided it is time for me to challenge myself a little more, accept new responsibilities, and reach for higher goals.

And as I am leaving, I am asking myself, is this place better than it was when I found it? Are the people I’ve met and befriended better for having known me? Have changes been made to improve what was already in place? Did I leave a positive impression and will people work harder, be stronger, live happier because of what I did here?

I can honestly say, I think I am leaving it better than I found it. And I am proud of that.

And I think my sweet angel would be proud of his mama for realizing that is enough.

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