You can

Hello, friends,

It’s been longer than normal between my posts. I have plenty of excuses but I’ll use the best one I’ve got. Sometimes, being mother to a child in Heaven is a full time job.

Yes, I also have a new full time job. And a marriage. And a house. And a dear family and wonderful friends. And in the last weeks, each of those has taken priority over my writing. And I love each of those things very much. But writing is just for me, and someone reminded me – again today – how important it is to take care of myself. So I will. And I will take a few minutes to write about a teeny, tiny phenomenon that happened in my little world today.

I was in a training seminar and we were shown a video of Maya Angelou. It was powerful and moving and at the end our trainer challenged each of us to ‘be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

As moving as that moment was, the best part for me came next. The trainer crossed her arms and kind of looked off in the distance. She said, “I just wish I could talk to her.”

A chill came over me and the words, “You can!” popped into my head.

I felt a sense of relief, comfort, and empathy, all at the same time. Because in reality, if Maya Angelou were still with us in this physical world, the chances of this woman, the trainer, having a conversation with The Maya Angelou would probably be very minimal.

I mean, the woman was a wonder, an icon. Hearing her speak was a privilege only a select few were lucky enough to experience live and in person. But to have a one-on-one conversation, and not be a close relative, friend, or Oprah…not likely.

But now. Now she’s in that amazing place. That place where my son runs and plays and has no limits. That beautiful, wonderful, sweet paradise that someday we will all be lucky enough to be. And anyone who has found that place is well within our reach. And we can certainly speak to them anytime we want.

We may not always hear a reply. But I promise, they are always listening.

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