It’s no secret that I whole heartedly believe I receive messages from my angel. I read stories all the time of other mommies whose beautiful babies in Heaven send them signs and symbols only meant for them in times they truly need them.

My girlfriend from work just came back from a stressful week of traveling. She had several delays getting to her destination, the event itself was kind of a mess, and she was a ball of stress the entire trip. Upon her arrival back to the office today, she told me the story of how, in the midst of all of that, she also misplaced her laptop while she was across the country.

She explained she had stopped at a local grocer to get a few items needed for her event, and at some point during the afternoon, she realized her laptop was missing. She called the transportation company, the hotel, and the event location staff, none of whom had recovered her computer. She then remembered the grocery.

She called the local number and they confirmed they indeed had her laptop and it would be waiting for her at the front counter.

She stopped by later that afternoon and the store owner was waiting for her as promised.

“I’m so happy I’m able to return this to you,” he said.

He handed it to her and pointed to the white label with block lettering showing her name and employee ID along the edge of the back.

“My wife and I had a daughter who was still born, thirty years ago, and she had the same first and last name as yours.” He pointed to his nametag and she read her last name on his badge.

She went on to tell me that I was the first person she thought of when this conversation between this bereaved dad and her took place. A little part of her knew, through the conversations we’d had, that the angel message received by that man, on this day, that she got to be a part of, was meant just for her.

Maybe to solidify her belief just a little more that we really do have wonderful little beings watching over us. Or maybe to give her a sense that just her presence in that moment gave that father a wonderful reminder of his sweet angel. Or maybe, just maybe, we all really are here for a greater, beautiful, Heavenly purpose.

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