As my son and I walked toward the downtown park today in our hometown of Columbus, I had no less than five supporters ask if I was registered to vote. I don’t believe one of them was over the age of twenty.

We bumped into two good friends in that massive crowd who we didn’t know would also attend the rally. Both were there with their young children. Both hoping their presence would somehow, some way, some day, facilitate change.

As we chatted about the importance of the gathering, one theme held true for each of us. We want our kids to be safe, feel safe, and know that each day we say goodbye before they enter school, that we don’t have to worry about the threat of gun violence.

As a mother who has lost a child, I do a lot of worrying. And I am also terribly sensitive and incredibly empathetic. Whenever I hear of the loss of a child, for any reason, and in any manner, a small piece of my heart breaks. It breaks for that life gone too soon, and it breaks for those parents.

Because I know how it feels to be a momma surviving this life without her baby.

And these losses, as a result of gun violence, are preventable. With legislation, and education, they are preventable. I don’t consider myself an activists, and some days, I can’t do much more than just survive.

But today, today I could march. Today I could show my little angel in Heaven and my little man on Earth that the safety of our children, their safety, will always be mommy’s number one priority.


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