A connection

There is a new department at my office, full of young faces with big dreams. All of the new hires are several years younger than me – most just out of school and working their first professional role.

I was in today, on a Saturday, which is not typical. The two gentlemen who work with me had requested days off in the same week. They rarely request time off, and I wanted them to be able to take the time, so I offered to cover our account on this Saturday.

We interact with this new department frequently, but during the busyness of the week, I have not really had the chance to get to know any of them personally. There were two gentlemen working today’s shift in that department and I had to speak with them frequently throughout the morning.

We had a slight lull and I walked over to ask one of them a question. Once we had resolved the issue, one of the gentlemen looked at me and asked, ‘Do you have children?’

While this is often a difficult answer for me, without hesitation I stated, ‘Well I have one in Heaven.’

Before I could continue, the younger gentleman smiled and said, ‘I have one in Heaven, too.’

He went on to tell me about his son who was also born at one pound, one ounce, and spent ten months in NICU. His wife had also had pre-eclampsia and they were at the same hospital where our son had been.

He showed me beautiful photos that reminded me so much of the ones I treasure. A tiny little one, with the same apparatuses attached to his little body as my little angel had. The similarities were astounding. Unfortunately, at ten months, his little angel was never able to come home.

He went on to explain how he and his wife knew their angel was in a better place, and they have recently been blessed with a daughter. He showed me photos of her, too. Beautiful, healthy, sweet, and angelic.

‘I bet our boys are playing together in Heaven,’ he stated.

I agreed and told him I am sure they orchestrated our meeting, and are very proud of their power to make a connection that will help us both to heal.

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