Time stops

Hi, Baby,

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve written to you. I talk to you every day, and even though I can’t always hear you, I know you are listening.

Like on Thanksgiving, when we had both grandma’s, both grandpa’s, your aunt and your cousins. It was a dinner of all our closest family members. All together, giving thanks. And I was so thankful for that gathering.

The only one missing was you.

But I know you were there. In your wonderful way, you sat at that table, and made us laugh. You are the reason we all could be together. Your love, your spirit, your memory allows us to be thankful, together.

I don’t even know what triggered this today, but I was picturing you as if you were here. How you would look, the sound of your laugh, the magnitude of that smile. I could see you so clearly. I thought of you and your brother on Earth.

He and I wore matching Minion hats into school today. We received lots of compliments and lots of smiles. Minions seem to make people happy. Just like you did. You had a magic that made everyone around you happy.

The funny thing is, somehow, even though you’re gone, you still have that happy magic. I talk about you, or someone notices a picture, or we hear your favorite song, and it induces happiness.

Even though I can picture you so vividly as a bouncing, excitable almost 7-year-old, the truth is, time has stopped for you. Your ‘little’ brother is now older and so much bigger than you ever were.

Your time has stopped. But my loving you never will.

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