There is something I know but I will never understand. There is something I feel that is not physical and it’s not psychological. But I know it and feel it in a place that I can only conclude is my heart.

Some people would describe it as faith. Faith is a belief in a thought, a power, a presence that we can’t tangibly prove with science and we can’t touch, see or hear it.

But this something that I know is not something I can see or touch or hear. It’s something I feel. And yes, I believe it and I can’t show proof of it to any other person here on Earth. All I can say is that I feel it, and therefore I know it is real.

There is excruciating pain I feel that I know is not my own. I dream of the suffering others feel so deeply they never share it aloud. I awaken with relief from stress I do not carry.

Sunshine and wind and stars reassure me that there is a place, some unknown, where one day, we will find relief from all that aches. Someday, when I have completed this mission I call life, I will be rewarded with the ultimate peace. I know this because I feel it. I imagine what it will be. He will be there and it will be wonderful.

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