Listen, breathe, respond

I interrupt. It is a fault of mine and it has been pointed out to me. I do it when I am not understood. I speak out of turn and I interject thoughts before others are able to complete their own. I realize it is a quality that needs improvement and I realize it can be frustrating for those conversing with me.

I need to learn how to listen. I need to stop, take a breath, and then respond, rather than reacting. I react with emotion, with passion and often with impatience and irritation.

It is my shortcoming and I will admit that. I will not make excuses.

However, for those who choose to have a passionate discussion with me, I should give fair warning – I have opinions. I have lived four lifetimes in 35 years. If you ask my advice, you will get only honesty. If you want a debate, I will play the Devil’s advocate and I will reach into the depths of Hell to illuminate the worst scenario imaginable.

But I also know the world is so full of incredible blessings. Every person has special gifts and I know each person that enters my world has purpose and will in some way affect who I am and offer a unique perspective. I will try not to take that for granted. I will listen to all words, expressions, arguments, advice, and even criticism I do not want to hear. Because everyone has something to offer. And I am always willing to learn.


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