When I need you most

Somehow, my sweet angel, you always know when I need you most.

I would give my whole heart and everything it holds to have you here on Earth, but the ways you touch me from Heaven make living without you somehow survivable.

Knowing that someday, somehow, if I keep believing, if I keep remembering, if I keep knowing you are always with me, I will find you again.

I know, because I see you. I saw you in a rainbow last weekend. I saw you in my dreams last night. You were running. Running! You looked at me from across the playground where you ran, and played ball with friends, and without words you said, ‘Yes, mommy, it’s me, running! I can do everything in Heaven that I never could on Earth.’

I love that you are there and you are running. And I love that even though we are separated by a distance and time I cannot fully comprehend, you always know when I need you most.

2 thoughts on “When I need you most

  1. jan says:

    I think of him everyday and remember his sweet smile. When I see that sweet smile in my memory, I am reminded about his awesome mum that took such special care of him and did so without complaint and with endless energy. I so admire you!


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