What is the soul?

It was the question asked today  when I turned on my recorded episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

A montage of answers followed from past interviews of celebrities, authors, spiritual leaders, “dynamic thinkers.”

Some responses included God, truth, the heart, the mind, and self. I thought about it, and as a writer, I should be trained, or talented enough, to describe anything. But the soul – something so intangible, so unearthly, and so immense – may be a description that alludes me.

Here’s what I do know. We, as humans, as living beings, have a connection that reaches far beyond Earth, lingers long after death, and can never be severed regardless of faith.

That connection, I think, is what we refer to as “chemistry,” in romantic love, or “intuition,” between a mother and her child, and “spirituality,” when we sense those connections from the people we’ve lost.

The soul, that’s our foundation for those connections. I think of it as a magnet. As a kid, did you ever take a magnet and see what it would stick to; what it would pick up; how much weight it could hold?

Our soul ‘magnet’ sticks us to everyone we love. It allows us to carry extra weight, and it helps pick up things along our way. But unlike tape, or glue, it never loses that ability to hang on tight. That’s its power and its strength.

Our soul is the same way. It keeps that invisible connection to everything important, and the closer the soul gets to true love, pure goodness, everlasting peace, its strength latches on and can never be pulled away.

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