Don’t be…

I hear those two words too often these days.

“Don’t be…sad.”

I’m a loss mom. I’m sad always. I will never hold my baby in my arms again and the only relief I have from that grief is the belief we will someday be together in Heaven.

I will be sad.

“Don’t be…angry.”

Your energy is wasted being so angry. Who does anger benefit? What good are you doing for yourself harboring all this anger? What does that anger do inside of you? I’ll tell you – it grows and it festers and eventually has to come out.

I will be angry. Angry is easier than sad.

“Don’t be…frustrated.”

There’s a way to cope. Tomorrow’s another day. The sun will come out and it will get better. Really? Because it’s been a really long time and nothing has changed. Nothing will bring him back and nothing I do will change that.

I will be frustrated.

I have trouble just being human. Getting myself out of bed, dressing myself professionally, making myself go to work, and just tolerating a life without my son is a challenge. Every single day.

I will be sad.
I will be angry.
I will be frustrated.

I will try not to be all three at once. More often than not, I will try very, very hard to pretend I am none.

I will be sad.
I will be angry.
I will be frustrated.

Please continue to love me. I am a loss mom trying to navigate an impossible journey.

5 thoughts on “Don’t be…

  1. Elaine says:

    You are doing a great job of moving forward, and no one who loves you judges how you do so or the emotions you feel. Just remember you are surrounded by love.


  2. Elaine Leslie Sanchez says:

    You are doing a wonderful job of moving forward, how ever you choose to do so. No one who loves you would ever judge your feelings, and no one can ever imagine what strength it takes to do what you’re doing. Just remember, every step of the way, you are surrounded by our love.


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