I am more powerful than grief

It has been a tough week and I was letting my grief, among other things, overwhelm me.

I have been angered by situations beyond my control, frustrated by unfavorable outcomes, and sad that I was allowing my emotions to cloud my logic.

Today on my drive to work, I decided I was going to treat the day with optimism. The first person I greeted in my office said she was disappointed she only had a short visit with her neice last night. I responded, “Hey, but you got to visit,” and, “We’re gonna have a glass-half-full kinda day!”

Yes, she looked at me like I was a crazy person and laughed so hard she nearly choked on her coffee.

I went and sat at my desk and one of my office mates came in minutes later. “I heard we’re having a glass-half-full day?” She chuckled.

“We sure are,” I said.

I said the phrase maybe three more times over the course of eight hours. I HEARD it more than ten. My enthusiasm (or absurdity) was contagious! The attitude of the entire office was lighter and more positive than yesterday. Now, I can almost guarantee they were all mocking me, most of them to my face, but still, each of them was happier.

One coworker, who I rarely have the opportunity to talk with, even said to me, “I always say, happiness is a choice.”

What?! That’s what I say! That’s how I try to live and breathe every day!

I can make an impact. You can make an impact. We can all live happy. Even if it’s just one day at a time by spreading a “glass-half-full kinda day” attitude.

I am more powerful than my grief.

2 thoughts on “I am more powerful than grief

  1. pj says:

    You sure nailed that one.
    Absolutely what I needed to read at 2055 on a Thursday evening.

    I can’t wait until you write your first book.


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