Will anyone read this?

Well, will they?

What is the point of writing if it will never be read? Will a tree make a sound when it falls if no one is around to hear it?

The answer…I don’t know.

Will your life have an impact? Will your work influence others? Will what you say make a difference in the choice someone else makes?

Maybe not.

If you have a gift, give it.

If you have a thought, share it.

If you can make a change, do it.

This world can be better, but not if we’re stagnant.

Read. Write. Live. Love.

I will read, because someone wrote.

I will write, because I want to share.

I will live, because someone died.

I will love, because I am loved.

2 thoughts on “Will anyone read this?

  1. Elaine Sanchez says:

    I read what you write and am inspired by all of it. I fear you don’t see my responses, because I never see them printed. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. But believe me, you are a light shining bright in my days.

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