‘People’ vs. ‘Friends’

Everyone has their ‘people.’ Those special few you can count on in a crisis, those who speak truth even if it’s hard to hear, those who remind you of your strength when you feel weakest.

If you’re lucky, and work hard at your relationships, offer kindness and empathy, then you are probably someone’s ‘person.’ One thing I have thought a lot about, especially since losing my son and experiencing grief like never before, is how much my ‘people’ mean to me. And I often wonder if they too, consider me to be their person.

I read a blog post today on one of my favorite sites Still Standing entitled Unfriend Me. It made me think about my people.

It reminded me how much I appreciate those special few who told me it was OK to stay in bed for days at a time, but dragged me out for fresh air and sunshine. Those who championed for my son when he was sick and continue to keep his memory alive. Those who call over and over and over until I’m ready to pick up the phone, and those who know sometimes sitting in awkward silence is better than not sitting with me at all. Those who love me, today, tomorrow, forever, even though I am fundamentally and irrevocably changed from the woman or girl they originally met.

These days, so much emphasis is placed on social media ‘likes’ and ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ that I fear we are creating a world where ‘people’ – true loving relationships – are being replaced with cyber popularity.

If I can deliver only one message, one life lesson I have been struggling to learn since the loss of my sweet baby boy, is that relationships – honest, loving, relationships – are the most important part of this short time we have on this Earth.

Please, don’t take your relationships for granted. Understand that millions of people may read your blog, thousands may friend you on Facebook, hundreds may follow you on Twitter, but it’s your ‘people’ who build your character, feed your soul, and fill your heart.


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