Let the wonderful in

Holidays can be hard. Holidays are hard. This time of year is work. Juggling commitments, forcing cheer, being without my baby. The most wonderful time of the year can be the worst.

Unless, you let the wonderful in. Take a deep breath, get a good lung-full of wintery air, and let the wonderful in.

Yes, this time of year reminds me of the sickest days, the longest hospital stays, the roughest road I’ve ever traveled. But if I look around, it reminds me of all the good, too.

Angels are everywhere this time of year. They represent that most perfect part of this season. That those who leave us are never really gone. They’re in our hearts, on our minds, and hovering right next to us during every meal, on every drive, with every step.

And my sweet angel is making mommy’s world so wonderful in every way. He’s helping me see that life is full of wonderful. All I have to do is be patient, kind, and open enough to let the wonderful in.

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