Angel in the crowd

I resorted back to my youth and went to the Taylor Swift concert this weekend. Typically, I’m more of a ‘jam band’ fan, and the concerts I attend are folksy, with a lot of rhythm and not a lot of flare. But I’m a closet Swifty, and I have to say, she did not disappoint.

I danced the night away with my girlfriends in a stadium full of pre-teens, and truly loved every second of it. There was a moment where it was just her and her piano on stage and I found myself in tears. Sobbing, actually. No, not because I’m a nutball fan and I felt so close I could touch this untouchable celebrity.

But because, in that moment, in a huge crowd of tens of thousands of people, all filled with emotion, all singing along with this young girl and her piano, I felt my angel. He was there. With me in that moment. I knew it. Not just because I felt it. But because of what had happened just moments before.

I had worn my three charm bracelets to the show. One has a ‘mother’ charm, gifted to me right after I became a mother to my angel on Earth when his adoption was finalized. One has a ‘house’ charm, given to me when I made the difficult decision to leave my position at the Ronald McDonald House because the work had become too much for my grieving soul. And one contains an ‘angel’ charm, given to me soon after my first born made his journey to Heaven, reminding me that he is never far away.

There were two mothers in front of us in the stadium, which for football games, seats over 100,000 fans. They made a comment as we made our way to our seats, that there was a group in our spot prior to our arrival that appeared to be in the wrong section. They were happy when we arrived, as they had their two young girls at the show with them, and apparently the previous group was less than polite and not entirely appropriate in their actions.

My crew was a group of mostly mothers, with children at home with their daddies. And we were more than happy to be surrounded by anyone and everyone on this beautiful, clear, warm and lovely evening.

About ten minutes after the opener had finished her set, we were all waiting for Taylor’s arrival on stage. The little girl in front of me, no more than five years old, tapped my waist, and said, “Is this yours?”

She opened her tiny palm, and inside her hand was my angel charm. In a stadium that holds 100,000 people, my lost angel was found before I even knew it was missing.

Just another message from my sweet little boy. I know, buddy. I was thinking about you, too. ❤️😇

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