Gotcha day

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of our angel on Earth becoming our child, legally. Physically, he looks as if he could be our child biologically. Emotionally, he is bonded to us and we are bonded to him as if he has been our child since birth. Spiritually, I feel like he was our child way before any of us even stepped onto this Earth.

He asked me yesterday, ‘Mommy, how was I built?’

He has started inquiring more about his life before coming home to us. I like to think it’s because he is finally feeling safe with his permanent mommy and daddy, and his cognitive skills are developing to a point where he recognizes his past, present and future.

But maybe he has had these memories all along, but was just too scared to ask questions. Or maybe he truly remembers nothing prior to the day we picked him up from his foster home and never looked back. Regardless of the reason, we have to be prepared to answer his questions, as honestly as possible, and never forget to remind him how much we love him and that he is with us because he was meant to be ours.

I asked him what he meant and he really couldn’t explain his question. So I gave him the best explanation I could and told him that God built him. ‘Yes,’ he agreed. ‘God built me.’

‘But did I grow in your tummy like my brother?’

That one I wasn’t equipped to answer. He had asked a lot of questions about the scars on my belly and I had given him a very elementary description about my new kidney and the baby inside that had to come out too early. He forgets nothing, and his wheels turn at lightening speed. I should have known that wouldn’t be the end of the questions.

‘No, honey, you did not come out of my belly. Another mother grew you in her tummy. But Daddy and I wished and we prayed and we were lucky enough to get to be your parents.’

He hopped down from his chair and went and found some toy cars. I know this will not be the last conversation, and we will keep finding creative ways to talk about the gift that is our angel on Earth. But for now, we will celebrate his becoming part of our family and thank the Heavens every day that he is ours.

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