The soul’s journey

I had a thought today and instantly felt more connected to my angel in Heaven.

I was driving home from work and looked up in awe at an impending storm cloud approaching.

Whenever I look to the sky, I think of Heaven and what my sweet baby is doing right in that moment.

That enormous storm cloud was floating across the sky, waiting for its perfect moment to open up and pour rain down on Earth.

And once it did, once that immense amount of water flooded into the grass and trees and life below, it would quickly be absorbed. The life of the Earth will soak it up, grow in its wake, and thrive from its nutrients.

Water, rain, the cycle of evaporation, must be similar to the journey of the soul.

The rain falls. It moistens the ground. It evaporates. Clouds form. Rain falls. A never-ending cycle.

I believe my sweet angel in Heaven is a part of that infinite cycle.

He rained down upon me. I soaked up all of him. His beautiful soul, his immense personality, his encompassing wisdom, his enviable joy.

He is the rain. And I am the Earth. He will soon be another cloud. He will open up and rain down on me. And I will absorb every drop.

And we will forever be connected.

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