Alternate ending

I want the director’s cut, limited release, bonus footage, double-disc DVD so on days like this I can just hit eject, insert disc two, and get an alternate ending.

In my alternate ending, I’m raising a healthy, vibrant and cheerful four year old. We are busy with everyday life and our hectic schedule is our biggest stress. I complain about having to make dinner and pay for preschool. In my alternate ending I kiss scraped knees and do an extra load of laundry each day.

The irony here is that when I began researching ‘alternate endings’ in film, almost every example I found was 1) In a dramatic, suspenseful or terrifying movie, and 2) Much darker and more disturbing than the originally scripted ending.

So I’m going to learn to accept my ending as it was written. Because even though I could imagine it a million other ways, at least it’s my story to tell.


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