Just a little thing

We finally, after many months of debate, decided to cancel our cable. It seemed like it was becoming an extravagance, a monthly expense we didn’t need, and it was time to do without.

I made the call early last week and I have to say, we have not missed it. We’re spending a little extra quality time as a family, I’m learning to accept the beauty of silence just a bit more, and I cannot wait to get that first invoice with only the internet charge.

I had to drop off the cable boxes to be shipped back to the provider this morning to ensure we wouldn’t be charged seven million dollars for keeping them. I stuck them in a reusable shopping bag and threw them in the front seat of my car as we left the house for preschool.

I dropped off the little man then headed over to UPS. The man behind the counter offered me a smile and a ‘good morning’ and I told him I was there to return the boxes. I set my bag on the table and he said, ‘Well that’s about the most adorable bag I have ever seen!’

The bag was a Christmas themed sack, featuring a bashful little minion holding mistletoe. It is an adorable bag. It was given to me by my very good friend, along with several others, when we participated in our first ‘Minion Run,’ as we lovingly refer to the charity 5K event that helps families like ours with kids battling cancer. That charity sponsored us the Christmas our little angel was sick. They have since donated a wagon at the children’s hospital in his honor. We love them, and love being a part of everything they do.

That bag helped me distribute the team T-shirts that first year after his loss, and I’ve used those bags for groceries, diapers, toys – you name it. They are my ‘catch all’ bags. And every time I use one, I think of my angel, as well as my friends and family who are with me every step of my journey.

I thanked the man and agreed, it is a cute bag. ‘We love the minions at my house,’ I said. He proceeded to tell me he had a daughter who loves everything ‘minion.’ They are her favorite.

He printed my receipt and told me to have a nice day.

‘Would you like to keep the bag?’ I asked. ‘For you daughter?’

‘That is so nice of you!’ He exclaimed as he took the bag off the counter and started carefully folding it. ‘Thank you so much. She will be so happy.’

‘I have plenty more,’ I said as I waved and walked out the door.

Once again, my angel at work, spreading happiness.

Please visit Nellie’s Champions for Kids to learn how you can support pediatric cancer families in central Ohio.


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