Sharing angels

I forwarded a little story with my coworkers over email today about some volunteer work my team did at the Ronald McDonald House a couple weeks ago. There were six of us who went and were able to clean six guest rooms in a couple hours. I shared with the other employees across the country how we impacted families with children being cared for at the children’s hospital and that effort cascaded into our client making a substantial donation to the House.

I got some really positive feedback and many wishes of gratitude and thanks for our effort. But I also was told another very personal story of how another co-worker, who I have never met, and who works states away, has been impacted by the charity.

She sent me a response saying she was thankful and grateful for the work we had done and that a year ago she didn’t even know what the Ronald McDonald House was. However, over the last year she became personally involved with the charity and knew what a positive impact they have on families during very difficult times.

I didn’t want to pry, but I was curious, so I sent her a message back asking if she or her family had ever stayed at a RMH.

She replied that her nephew had recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and her brother and sister-in-law had spent many nights in the House in San Diego while their son was in treatment.

I wrote her back and let her know that if she, her brother, nephew or sister-in-law needed anything at all that I could provide, to please let me know. I told her I would pray for her nephew and their whole family. And I told her I have a very special angel that I would ask to send health and blessings their way.

I sat at my desk, crying, once again, feeling grateful that I can find comfort in knowing the power of a shared experience, feeling a little less alone, and having others understand the difficulty of having a terminally ill child. She was grateful for my words and I was honored that she shared her story. But most importantly, I was happy to share my angel, his story, and his magic.

2 thoughts on “Sharing angels

  1. Elaine Leslie Sanchez says:

    You can see how he is working in you life and in the lives of others. Are you surprised? That’s what angels do! Love you, sweet girl.


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