He’s everywhere

I finally got my little angel on Earth back after his week-long trip with Daddy. They got home Friday afternoon and he was pretty much a mess of tears all evening. He was tired, and transitions are always tough for him, so early to bed it was.

Saturday morning we woke up early and typically we head to the library about 10 am for story time and new books for the week. But the weather was gorgeous! The sun was shining, the temperature was low 70s and there was a perfect breeze. I asked my husband if he had an plans, and when he said no, I told my little buddy we were going to take a ride to the park with the pretty flowers and little houses.

There is a gorgeous park behind our house, and with him on his bike and me walking, it only takes about twenty minutes to get there. He put on his helmet and hopped on the bike, which is still fitted with training wheels, and we took off around 9:30.

By 9:35 and halfway around the block, a pedal fell off his bike. The part that held the pedal was basically a screw with threads. Well, in the middle of the sidewalk at 9:35 am on Saturday, I could not get that damn pedal back on the bike. So home we walked, and got the scooter instead.

We finally made it to the park around 10:00 and left the scooter parked at the entrance. There had to have been at least 13 families there getting professional photos taken. It is a lovely place for photographs and I took several of my little man smelling flowers, playing in the water feature, and chasing butterflies.

We made it over to the ‘tiny houses’ where kids can go inside and play, and upon entering, I immediately thought of our little angel in Heaven.

It’s hard not to think of him on days like this, where everything is beautiful. I always feel like it’s because of him that we have the blessings we do.

I have an adorable photo of him at this same park, sitting on a little path pointing at me and smiling, with a bright blue hoodie on that matched his eyes.

But anyway, we walked into the tiny house and my angel on Earth exclaimed, ‘Mommy, a butterfly!’ and pointed up to the vaulted ceiling window. I snapped a quick photo then turned to look at the artwork on the wall.

It was a scene of a family of frogs, hanging out in their tiny house. There was a painted frog lounging in a chair with a tie-dyed shirt, complete with a peace emblem and the letters, “Peas.”

Instantly, upon seeing this, I hear, “Peas,” the unique and adorable way my little angel would say, “please,” while rubbing his belly. He learned the sign first, which is an open hand making a small circle over the chest. He took both hand and rubbed his belly, then when he started saying a few words around age two, he would rub his belly and say, “Peas,” while asking for a drink or to be picked up.

In that moment, both my sweet angels were with me in that tiny house with painted frogs.


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